Powder-Lak Product Range

Our Powder Coating supplier offering

  • Red Oxide Primer
  • Red Oxide Dipping primer
  • Zinc Primer
  • Series 1000
    This is one of the newly developed single powder coating applications, offering excellent protection against weathering and chalking. It has been designed for applications where resistance to the elements as well as ease of application is required.
    Series 1000 offers excellent resistance to UV influence, advanced color stability and has been designed to provide the best possible finish regardless of the object being coated.
  • Series 2000
    Primers & Epoxy system
    Being a powder coating supplier, at Powder- Lak we ensure that we offer a comprehensive range of products. We are a main powder coating supplier of powder paint primer for use in coastal areas or high corrosion risk.
    This series offers excellent adhesion, high flexibility, high impact and abrasion resistance. The coating is deformable, wear resistant, and offers optimum protection against corrosion. It is also very resistant against chemicals, such as diluted acids and bases, brines, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohol. Series 2000 has also been accredited by WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) for its compatibility with potable water.
  • Series 3000
    Polyester System
    This is a single powder coating application, offering protection against weathering and chalking. It is particularly suitable for the coating of aluminum, steel and galvanized steel for exterior use. Due to excellent resistance to UV attack, the product offers excellent color stability and resistance to yellowing, and is the best choice of external applications. The resistance to chemical attack and corrosion is remarkable (ref. salt spray test), as well as the resistance to yellowing, even after excessive stoving.
  • Series 4000Polyurethane
    Exclusive use of polyurethane resin makes this product the best choice when it comes to minimising the orange peel effect of powder coating as well as ensuring the best protection from the elements.
  • Series 5000Low Temperature
    POWDER-LAK Powder Coating Series 5000 is an evolutionary development of the time tried Series 6000 system. It has been designed to require lower temperatures and curing time, without compromising on decorative and / or protective properties of the final paint film.
  • Series 6000
    Low Temperature
    This powder coating product has been formulated to achieve the same properties as standard epoxy polyester powders (Series 5000) at a lower cure temperature.
  • Series 8000
    Busbar Coating
    Developed to insulate busbars for today’s modern electrical needs.
  • Metallic Series

As a powder coating supplier, have an extensive range of International RAL colors and SABS standards. We also stock colours compatible with Pantone standards. With over 2000+ Powder Colors to choose from we will help you find that perfect colour. All of our colours are available in the following finishes:
Gloss, Semi-Matt, Matt, Texture and Sandpaper Texture

Special colors made to order and are available within 3-4 working days


Stock colors immediately available

We supply our products in:

Interior: Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester Hybrid
Exterior: Polyester and Polyurethane

We are also currently upgrading our colours to conform with the new lead free standards.

RAL Classic

210 RAL colours
The classic colour collection

RAL Design

1688 colours
The colour system for colour design

Important Notice

The Colour and gloss level shown in this colour card should be used as a guide, and due to differences in production method and pigment cannot be guaranteed when compared to the basic collections RAL 840-HR and RAL 841-GL. For use in production or colour evaluation , the single colour shade cards of the RAL 840-HR (semi gloss) and RAL 841-GL (gloss) collections should be used to ensure accurate results.

You can find another 1688 RAL Colours in the “RAL Farbfinder”, the handy RAL DESIGN System colour fan. These colours are defined by seven digit colour code indicating Hue, Lightness and Chroma of each colour. Due to its structure the RAL DESIGN system is a powerful weapon for systematic colour design.

The colours of the RAL DESIGN System are organized systematically in Hue, Lightness and Choma values. The figure shows a part of the spatial positioning of the RAL DESIGN System.

The structure of the RAL DESIGN System is not arbitrary. It follows an internationally used colour measurement system laid down in 1976.